About Cheri

About Cheri

Hi! I’m Cheri Dee Johnson.

I live with my husband, Bob, in Minnesota. We have five children, all adopted from Russian orphanages (at ages 5-14). Our children are now grown and have blessed us with eleven grandchildren. You will often hear me say, “Grandchildren cover a multitude of sins,” because ours have graciously washed away many painful memories and made room for an immense amount of hope.

I have a hard time feeling like I raised my children because their formative years were established by other adults and in a culture far different than mine. For years I grieved that my children might never look like me—physically, culturally, or spiritually. And the truth is, they don’t.

The part of “raising” I did, however, proved excruciating. I regularly battled feelings of ineptness, failure, guilt, and anger. Many times I cried in the shower, “Where are you, Lord? Don’t you care I’m about to go under?” I’m so glad He didn’t just up and leave when I threw those fits. I’m grateful for the rich lessons He taught me.

Though I’ve had over twenty years of experience parenting children who’ve suffered great loss, and though my husband and I found ways to make our crazy family work, I prefer to not write about our methods. I’ve found that what worked for us rarely works in other homes, because each home has its own dynamics. Furthermore, the Internet is full of wonderful resources.

What I find lacking for nonbiological moms today are ways to tend our hearts. I believe that more than just words flow from the heart. (“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” [Matthew 12:34, NKJV].) Our reactions and responses do as well. If we want to love and guide our children as God would have us, we probably need to work on our innermost being.

So, in these pages you’ll read of the lessons God has taught me. Some of these lessons are taken from the journals I kept years ago, while others are lessons I’m still learning. Though my children are grown and have their own families now, I’m still their mom. I still have plenty of opportunities to examine my heart, and to seek God’s.

I hope you’ll join me as we discover God’s heart for us moms of nonbiological children. Take your time examining the lessons already printed in the pages here. If you’d like to receive my weekly blog directly in your email, please enter your name and email address in the box below. When you sign up, I’ll also send you a free printable of The Nonbiological Mom’s Declaration of Truth. Print it, hang it, and when the need arises, declare the truths about who you are, who your children are, and who God is.

Thank you for letting me introduce myself. I’d love to meet you and hear your story. Please feel free to comment on any blog that speaks to your heart. I also invite personal email at the address on my contact page.

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